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Martijne van Dijk

Over Martijne

Mijn werkervaring zie je op mijn linkedIn, over mijn werk als musicus en docent vertel ik graag het volgende.

I have been a musician for as long as I can remember. At 4 years old I fell in love with the recorder, thanks to Johann Sebastian Bach and his Brandenburg Concerto no. 4. Later on I also started playing the piano and of course, the saxophone.

That saxophone in I, we hit it off right from the start! After just a couple of years I started my professional education at the Brabants Conservatorium in Tilburg, The Netherlands. I got the diploma’s music teacher and music performer, and during my time there I learned a lot about music in general. For that, I owe much, much gratitude to brilliant teachers like Ad van Sleuwen, Tijn Vaes and Martien van Woerkum.

I also learned however, that the sound and the style I most admired was to be found in France. That vibrant, transparent, clear and pure way of playing the saxophone pulled at me and I couldn’t not go to France to learn all about it.

About playing the saxophone I learned the most from Jean-Denis Michat, spending one year in his class in Lyon, and Claude Delangle at the CNSM in Paris. There I managed to earn a degree (DFS) in saxophone. What really changed my life were the years in Paris, studying chamber music as a saxophone quartet. That is the Axone Saxophone Quartet, with ‘my French men’ Gurvan Péron, Géraud Etrillard and Cédric Carceles. We studied with all stars like David Walter, Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Michel Moraguès and earned a degree ‘troisième cycle’ for it.

It is my mission to help experienced and motivated saxophonists become happier musicians. I advise teachers and organizations on strategies toward better music education. On stage, I ‘teach’ my audience about the magical beauty of music, and the joy of playing the saxophone. I am definitely happiest when performing with Axone, the Ensemble Modern and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

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